$80-$150 Worth of Makeup & Skincare EVERY MONTH
For the Price of 3 Starbucks Latte
Sound Intriguing….?

We thought so too…!

This is why we created THE BOX By Fashionsta.
The Latest Beauty Products On Your Doorstep
Receive a carefully curated box of the newest products on the market every single month. Enjoy feeling pampered and preened without ever having to waste your time or money browsing the stores for the latest trends.
We bring it directly to you and at a lower cost.
.....And Here is SOME of what you will be GETTING EVERY MONTH
❤️ A Box full of goodies - ONLY $19.99  ($80-$150+ value)
❤️ Emerging and Trending Brands - You CAN'T find in major retailers (PRICELESS)
❤️ MEMBERS ONLY SALES - Fashionsta Box members save between 20% and 70% on exclusive sales. From box add-ons to exclusive offers from our brand partners, you won’t believe how much you’ll save)
❤️ Fashionsta Exclusive Events
❤️ Free samples, gifts, beta testing products normally opened just for top influencers
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What is THE BOX By Fashionsta?
It is NOT just another Beauty Box, Sending you cheap, drugstore products

 It is NOT another subscription that will send you same old products or SHOWER GEL

 It is NOT about the travel size or sample size, but its your chance to be among THE ELITE

You Receive
Every month you'll receive a beautifully packaged parcel on your doorstep. Inside you'll discover the top rated selection of latest beauty trends - all hand picked by our team of style influencers, makeup gurus and TV personalities.
It'll be fun for you to get your fingers on products that aren't even available in most stores yet. You get first pick! Enjoy the latest in makeup, skincare, bodycare and fragrances. Plus, all of our products focus on being cruelty free and vegan.
By subscribing to THE BOX, you receive massive savings on all of the products included in your box. If you were to separately buy just one of the products we send you, it would be the price of the entire box full of goodies! The entire value of the Beauty Box goodies is over $120.
How long has it been since you totally updated your make-up bag?

Your face and skin deserve the freshest and most up-to-date products out there.

So, instead of hanging on to that cakey old blush or trying to get as many uses out of your mascara as possible, invest in keeping your make-up bag and beauty regime in tip top condition.

Rejuvenating your make-up bag every month will leave you feeling pampered, confident and glowing from the inside out.

Stay fresh and on trend with us.

Suitable For All Skin Tones
We know that color palettes can feel personal but don't worry, we've got that covered. At Fashionsta, we focus on covering all ethnic groups and skin tones. Our beauty box products will be suitable for all skin tones - so you can confidently rock your individual style and personality.
Who is THE BOX By Fashionsta for?
This beauty box is for the trendsetters.

It's for the ladies who love showcasing their unique vibrancy.

This beauty box is for the ladies who love to feel confident in the skin they're in.

It's for the ladies who love showering themselves with self-love.

This beauty box is for the girl who takes pride in her appearance.

Not for others, but because of how it makes her feel from the inside out.

It's for the beauty gurus, the beauty enthusiasts, the professionals and the novices!

How It Works
sign up today
When you sign up today you'll pay only $19.99 for a monthly subscription. This includes FREE SHIPPING! You will be billed at the beginning of every month, when your beauty box is on its way to you. Cancel at anytime.
Expect A Delivery
You'll receive a monthly package filled with the latest in makeup, skincare, bodycare and fragrances. They have been hand picked by our team of beauty influencers.  Plus, all of our products focus on being cruelty free and vegan.
Enjoy Your New Obsession
You'll enjoy testing and trying out your brand new products. The box will contain a mix of emerging and prestige brands that you can play around with.
Valued At Over $80-$150
The market retail value of all the products in your special Beauty Box is over $80-$150 of Makeup and Skincare Goodies from top trending and emerging brands.
But because we have built strong relationships with some of the top beauty experts and emerging brands in the market, they are happy to give you massive savings on your monthly subscription.

But why?
Because they're excited about you discovering their latest and greatest product! It's a great way for you to get familiar with all the benefits of their brand, without having to spend full retail price.

Free US Shipping | Cancel anytime
Your Box is few clicks away....

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